scouts are awesome

Today we are going to be talking about scouts.

I built my car for the Pinewood Derby, with my dad's help.

My car is really fast!  My car was designed like a tank.  Last year I 

got the Turtle Award, and this year I got Best Design. 

There are many ranks in Cub Scouts: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and 

Webelos.  I was a Wolf last year, and now I'm a Bear. Webelos 

stand for "We Be Loyal Scouts".

Upcoming is the Blue and Gold Banquet. 

What is a blue and gold banquet? 

The Boy Scouts of America was organized in February 1910, and the Cub Scout program was organized 20 years later, in 1930. 

February is also the birth month of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting. The packs celebration gets its name from the Cub Scout colors. 

Blue and Gold Banquets are held throughout the month of February by packs all across the country. 

Blue signifies the sky, truth, spirituality, and loyalty.
Gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheer, and happiness.
Together they symbolize what cub Scouting is all about.


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