Hi, every day I look forward to go on the phone and watch Youtube. Some people like to  watch Youtube Originals you tube originals like Joey graceffa for Escape The Night or The Thinning or Shearwood or F2 Finding Football and ARRived. Some people like to watch most subscribed youtube channels like smosh or PewDiePie or Mr. Beast. I watch people like Rebecca Zamolo or Matt Slays or Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint  Stephen Sharer and Rocky  Kanaka or The Quadrant and the Real Game Master and Rival Game Master and Matt and Rebecca and Chad and Vy.Also the worlds 2 best hackers are hacking Youtube once they took over Youtube for the whole East Coast and they are called the Red Hood (s). Thanks to Rebecca Chad Vy Stephen and Rocky and the good hackers chads and vy and rebeccas and matts camera man daniel they stoped the red hood from  hypnotizing you guys and deleting every ones subscribers who came to vidicon today and yesterday also Sofie Dossi and the Merrell Twins and Rosanna Pansino
 helped and many more.
 Also what's your favorite Youtube channel. Also in the comment section see if you watch any of these Odd1sout, Its Alex Clark SomeThingElseYT, Jadein Animations, Actually HAPPEND Top 10,Smosh, Joey graceffa Who Sang It Better.

HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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