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Hi guys, today we are going to talk about everything you need to plan a good Halloween party.

1st up is games. All Halloween parties have games.

1. Touch the witch: Set up 15 candy corns, 2 dried apricots, 2 peeled grapes, 10 pumpkin seeds, 5 spoons of yogurt, and 18 strings, and cooked spaghetti. Put them in a separate bowl.

Turn all the lights off so no one can see anything. Pass the bowls one at a time. When you pass the bowl with candy corns, chant "Touch the witche's teeth". Dried apricot: ears. Peeled grapes: eyes. Pumpkin seeds: nails. Yogurt: spit. Strings: hair. Cooked spaghetti: brains.

 2. Halloween dance: Each player lets a strand of cooked spaghetti hang out of their mouth. Then, they dance while you play a halloween song. If the spaghetti breaks, they are out.  The last dancer left gets a point. Repeat. The first one with 5 points wins.

3. Halls Creep: Everyone takes turns walking down a hall, balancing objects on their heads: paper pumpkin, bouncy ball, and pennies. Get a point each time you succeed. First one to 5 points wins. 

Next, after games, is food. Watch Halloween recipes on youtube: SO YUMMY.

Then, there are Halloween decor videos to watch on youtube.

After that, set up at least 10 decor things make in the dark. Play some spooky music in the background.

So have fun and stay safe trick or treating tomorrow when it snows be safe bye.


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